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Whether for a morning run, fun and relax during the day, or a romantic walk in the evening, Playa de la Concha is the ideal retreat.

It’s the most iconic urban beach in Spain with its 1350 meters in length, surrounded by majestic green mountains and elegant cafes and bars.

After some fifteen to twenty minutes walking, you will reach the building that dominates the whole tower – a military fortress from the 12th century.

San Sebastian is in the North of Spain which tends to be somewhat colder.

Yes, Spanish is an important language but it is not the only language used in Spain.

Talking about the Playa de la Concha, it is impossible to not notice the famous Isla de Santa Clara.

It’s the tiny little island in the middle of the waters, and is quite possibly one of the most easily recognisable features of San Sebastian.

If you are there for surfing, you want to go to the Zurriola beach.

Unlike Playa de la Concha, it is more exposed to the wind and thus it is a real heaven for enthusiasts.

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