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Winners of LCQ 1 starts 9th, winner of LCQ 2 will start 10th, and so on.

The remainder of the field will fall into twin B-Main, straight up by their finish.

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For events pertaining to the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, all teams will compete each night with Thursday and Friday's Preliminary A-Features paying ,000 to win, 0 to start.

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Drivers will not redraw for their starting position. 40-50 cars means remaining drivers will drop into two "B" Features. Lineup will be done by passing point totals with 17th going to the pole of the first "B" Feature, 18th to the pole of the second "B" Feature, etc. 50 cars or more: Top 40 in Passing Points from Heat Races will move into 4 Qualifiers. If one B is needed, the top 6 drivers will advance to the A-Feature. If two B's, then the top three, if three B's, then the top two.

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