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As elite dance professionals, however, their time spent outdoors is generally limited to stolen moments away from New York City.After spending months performing and cultivating the next generation of dancers, Abrera, a principal ballerina at American Ballet Theatre, and Radetsky, a former soloist with ABT and current director of ABT’s Studio Company, often turn to nature as a way to re-charge and re-focus.Petite and saucy in her lovely opening waltz, the ballerina showed both her temper and her romantic inclinations in developing a wonderful chemistry with her leading man.

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tella Abrera and Sascha Radetsky both love the outdoors.Above: Sascha Radetsky UPDATE: Sascha's farewell curtain call is now on You Tube, but there was another five minutes of applause and more bows after the clip ends.Thursday July 3rd, 2014 - I met Sascha Radetsky in 2011 when my friend Kokyat and I covered a rehearsal of a duet entitled LIFT, choreographed by Edwaard Liang, in which Sascha was dancing with Sonja Kostitch; the piece was shown ten days later at the annual Dancers Responding to AIDS gala.Cutting loose with some virtuoso pyrotechnics in the Act III variation and coda, Sascha's dancing took flight, buoyed by the admiring of the audience.The ovation at the end was as expected: loud and long: it seemed that neither the audience nor his colleagues wanted to let Sascha go.

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