Sarah brightman and frank peterson dating

The fallout from their divorce in 1991 effectively ended her UK stage career – so she relaunched herself in the States on the back of a stint in Lloyd Webber's Aspects of Love on Broadway.

Later, once she had found success on her own, Brightman offered to return her ex-husband's multi-million-pound divorce settlement. While Brightman, now 48, can still pack 'em in in the States – her new world tour involves holographic sets, and requires her to change costume on stage, sing on top of a pile of plush mattresses, and perch on a precariously high swing – she can't quite pull it off in her homeland. Our time together was a very positive and creative phase for me.

It was sad, but one of those things." She was less prepared, however, for how physically gruelling the treatment was. "But it was really important to me to know that I'd given it my best shot. "I went and, well, I realised that he really, really liked me," she says coyly. Take things as they come." As she talks, Oberlander emerges from the bedroom, tall and rangy and extremely handsome. "Everyone comments on them," she says, kissing him on the cheek and waving him off.

"He was used to seeing me in my old jeans at work, with no make-up. And because of work, there is a lot of space in the relationship. It's not about commitment, it's about not expecting. "He's used to it." The ageing process, she insists, worries her not a jot. But Brightman could still pass for a woman in her thirties. "Actually, it was a shot left over from my previous album.

And though she doesn't hanker after her Hot Gossip days, she has a healthy respect for the openings it offered.

Tomorrow, she releases her 12th solo album, A Winter Symphony, a collection of festive classics that includes In The Bleak Midwinter, Silent Night and – somewhat questionably – Wizzard's I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day.

Buried under a blanket in the boot, he found that self-same, though now slightly mouldy, silver siren suit from when she fronted the saucy dance troupe Hot Gossip. "It was my sparkly Mary Quant outfit," Brightman says. In the intervening years, Brightman has sold more than 26 million albums and two million DVDs in 34 countries, with a musical style that fuses opera, pop and jazz.

She still packs stadiums, and for several years running was the highest-selling British artist in the US, shifting more records than Elton John or the Rolling Stones.

Her apartment, all shiny stainless steel kitchen and cream carpets (upon which one must tread bare-footed) is smart and so tidy, the singer checked herself into a hotel the night before so that it would perfect for the photoshoot.Often regarded as being single-mindedly devoted to her musical career, she says that after her divorce she was desperate to have children.“After my marriage to Andrew ended, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy and two miscarriages.If motherhood had happened, it would have been lovely,” says Sarah, who parted with her subsequent partner of 10 years, German record producer Frank Peterson, in 2003.I felt desperate for them, but that wasn’t how it felt for me.I’ve been given something else.”Sarah, who starred in several of her ex’s musicals, including Phantom Of The Opera, adds: “My gift is my voice.

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