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Katelynn, or Kat, is an Italian-American trans woman who had a rough childhood.

She first realized her gender variance in high school and began living as a woman at 17, which was difficult given her rigid, Sicilian family.

Raised by hippie parents, she is a dedicated hip-hop DJ who aspires to be a dancer, and has been described as "the token cute white female" and "laid back", though she suffers from panic attacks. Chet has been described as a "punk rock Mormon", a "hipster" and "straight as an arrow", who eschews alcohol and premarital sex.

He is a conservative Republican, (one of two among the housemates, along with Scott Devyn was Miss American Teen in 2005, and a Miss Missouri Teen.

Brooklyn is the first season of the series to feature eight cast members moving into the residence together in the premiere.

The season featured eight people who lived on Pier 41 in Red Hook.

Although it is the only season to set in the borough of Brooklyn, it is also the third season to take place in a city that had hosted a previous season, as the show's first and tenth seasons were set in New York in 19. Prior to the beginning of the season Jon Murray, co-creator of The Real World, and Chairman and President of Bunim-Murray Productions, explained the choice of Brooklyn: "The Brooklyn season, like the Hollywood season, will focus on what people loved about 'The Real World' when it launched in 1992 - genuine people, meaningful conflict and powerful stories...

She has dedicated herself to advocate for survivors of abuse as an art therapist.

She hopes to show her art in a gallery, and recently began a relationship with a man to whom her mother introduced her, one of her first heterosexual relationships, as most of her prior ones were with women, Sarah, whose appearance is described to be that of a "tattooed punk", is observed by The Brooklyn Paper to be the only cast member with an interest in anyone else on a deeper level in the premiere, as contrasted with the gossip-like focus of the other castmates' discussions.

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