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R11, it should air starting in September or October.

Apparently it's going to be a full 13-episode season (last year they said it was going to be reduced to 10 episodes due to budget constraints, and it was also rumored it would be pushed to 2012 to avoid conflicts with Doctor Who, but now it appears to be back to 13 episodes in the autumn).

(and he's expressed some discomfort before about fans who aren't able to separate who he is in real life from the "prince" he plays).

I've never heard anyone say that press attention and living in a fishbowl were particularly healthy for relationships, and the Kardashians of the world don't really counter that notion.

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And was he really that open about his personal life before? She is not that attractive or talented, and I may post some links later to sites where she is being bashed.[quote]And he used to talk a bit about his personal life in interviews before he started dating her, so why has he clammed up?

R20, he is only a minor actor so it's not as if he's getting that many questions compared to an A-list star.

And he used to talk a bit about his personal life in interviews before he started dating her, so why has he clammed up?

According to this online article Angel began dating Bradley James in 2011 and as of 2016 was still dating him, so says the article.

The article also indicates they are quite secretive which could be why I couldn’t find any real proof so far.

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