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She's a great dog, even though she hits a nerve with me each time she tries to escape her kennels, and I wouldn't trade her for the world.Posted by Karissa Kilgore at AM | Comments (0) I leave for work at sharp, work 7-, and get home some time around 5.

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This past Friday my mom came to pick up Trixie because I had a busy weekend planned--boyfriend's sister's wedding all day Saturday, recovering from said wedding on Sunday (at a barbecue! She'll go a little crazy and then get excited to go in the car...

When I'm pulling into the parking lot at roughly , the sun hasn't even dashed the horizon with its glitter and glow. Call it what you will--boredom or the luck of a 0 gift card I totally forgot I was getting in the mail till just last week--but I got a Nintendo DS Lite. Last week a packaged deal was released containing the DS (black and crimson), a little black case for the console, and the game Brain Age II. (At least it didn't cost as much as my brother paid for his XBOX 360...

And when I'm heading home at night it's already dipped beyond the skyline, leaving in its stead brilliant hues that fade into twilight. Yikes.) The crimson is really unique since the other DSes are white, black or pink. While the case isn't the greatest, it does its job and it was a good deal so I really can't complain.

The 9 hour day provides the (somewhat occluded) benefit of every other Friday off.

So, in reality, I added about 2 hours to each day--half an hour each way to work, when it used to take me literally 5 minutes, and an extra hour of work.

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