Rolex watch dating silver

Soup was eaten, and still is in silver service, with soup spoon which is very similar to a table spoon and about the size of what we now call a table spoon. Second, the weight matters because of the value of silver in it.

Pure silver objects such as spoons will also have a stamp somewhere on it that will say "925" or "925/1000." This shows you that the spoon has a silver content of 92.5 percent. This transfers silver from the silver cathode through the solution to the spoon. chemical reaction to the protiens in the egg and the silver. Because sulphurous compounds silver sulphide will be formed and silver spoon will have black spots of silver sulphide.

Although the Swiss Precious Metals Control Act of 1880 defined standards for gold and silver watch cases, the British Merchandise Marks Act of 1887 caused several changes in Swiss hallmarking, in particular the two Swiss standards for silver were not accepted in Britain, and the British also inadvertently caused the Swiss to create their own national brand or trade mark "Swiss made".

Swiss hallmarking before 1880 and after 1933 is rather outside the scope of this page, but I mention some of the changes made in 1933.

Purely a marketing thing by Bucherer to get, mostly, foreign tourists to take home a Rolex with them.

The spoons are Rolex affiliated in that Rolex Geneva wholely endorses the marketing effort by Bucherer, but Rolex money is not involved I believe as it would show favortism towards one jeweler.

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