Replacing xmlvalidatingreader with xmlreader create

Note After calling this method, if the entity is part of an attribute value, you must call Xml Reader.

There are mainly two methods for reading XML with C#: The Xml Document class and the Xml Reader class.

The reader is advanced using any of the read methods and properties reflect the value of the current node.

Xml Reader conforms to the W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 and the Namespaces in XML recommendations and is implemented in the following classes: Xml Reader throws an Xml Exception on XML parse errors.

replacing xmlvalidatingreader with xmlreader create-8

The current node refers to the node on which the reader is positioned.For further discussion on the Xml Reader classes, see the conceptual topic at MSDN: readingxmlwithxmlreader. Move To Content and tests if the current content node is a start tag or empty element tag and if the Xml Reader. Namespace URI properties of the element found match the given strings.Checks whether the current node is a content (non-white space text, CDATA, Element, End Element, Entity Reference, or End Entity) node.The base URI tells you where these nodes came from.If there is no base URI for the nodes being returned (for example, they were parsed from an in-memory string), String. All node and attribute names returned from this class are atomized using the Name Table.

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