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Here are some tips, which can also be applied to talking with your dad, aunt, other mom, etc.Based on my poll and my own experience, a key thing mothers want is for their daughters to avoid making the same mistakes they feel like made.The benefits include things like not having to tiptoe around getting birth control while insured on your parents’ health insurance plan, or not missing out on potentially awesome advice about what to do in a crisis-ish situation.If you have an interest in capitalizing on such benefits, consider celebrating Mother’s Day by having an empowered chat about your reproductive health with your mom.We trust that sexy brain of yours to post with good intentions.

She handed the birth control prescription to my mom and smirked. To do it, she had to swallow her pride and trust me as a young adult instead of as a child.

A few key themes surfaced from the poll: 1) Their mom “just knew.” One woman said her mom could just see it in her body language. 4) Their mom found out because they told her—but usually not directly.

Some women said their mom doesn’t know, or at least, they’ve never talked about sex with her.

” What they didn’t realize was that I had tried many, many times. If anything, I talked him into it.” My PR statement of 2003.

At the end of my freshman year, I met the guy I would date for most of high school. I could feel my mom getting angry next to me—she was shaking slightly. She’s a bitch.” (I don’t call women bitches anymore, but back then I did. I held it during the whole of my first gynecological exam, and squeezed it tightly.

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