Radiometric method for dating volcanic deposits

First off all I'm going to editorialize: This new paper is incredibly sensationalist and does not show any real issues with U-Pb dating in zircon (nor are the claimed effects real).Also the "poorly understood processes" are essentially the opinions of people who haven't read the relevant literature.You will find more of it in the tree than in the rat, but the ratio of Carbon 14 to Carbon 12 will be the same.Carbon dating relies on the fact that Carbon 12 is stable, while Carbon 14 is not.A simple diffusion calculation would show that Pb would move on average ~100nm in these samples under their claimed conditions which means that nothing would happen to the U-Pb age as measured by SIMS (the technique they are trying to validate...) because SIMS spots are on order ~10 micron.This new paper utilizes a technique where a small piece of a sample is extracted from your mineral/whatever and then mounted in a way that when you apply a really strong electric field you ionize the sample and have a detector that is position sensitive (so you know where it was in the sample before you ionize it).

A new study claims to have discovered the oldest piece of Earth yet 4.4BYO which puts this zircon crystal formation at only 160MY after the formation of the Earth.I think one of the most frequent misconceptions is how we know the relative amounts of parent/daughter isotopes when a rock or crystal is formed.I'm not an expert in geochemistry, but I'd love if someone could go into better detail here.The fundamental equation that is used for dating is that the measured amount is equal to that produced by decay whatever was there initially.So the amount of 206Pb that is there is that from 238U decay in addition to any contaminant.

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