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If you want to try the Ukrainian cuisine with a nice sea breeze, this is the place to be.Located between Lanzheron and Dolphin Beach, Otrada beach is a beautiful small little beach.A few drinks and jokes later and I was hanging out with them for the rest of the week.From the city center you will need a taxi to get to the famous Arcardia beach.Every summer you can see hundreds of beautiful girls from Odessa parading the famous Potemkin stairs trying to get that perfect photo.Tight dresses, high heels, a beautiful tan and long silky hair is common sight around during the summer.This beach is part of the Nemo Resort and has a big pool and a luxury beachfront for its guests.

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With the political situation on Crimea, Odessa has quickly been developed into the number one hotspot for foreign and local beach visitors.You do not pay any entrance fee, but if you wish to rent an umbrella and sofa you will need to pay.Surrounding the beach area you will find some great small local restaurants.It is very popular under the locals, but less with the tourists.The entrance fee is for free and most activities include boat and catamaran rentals, which will allow you to explore the beautiful coastline of the Black Sea.

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