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Quakers meet weekly for worship which will be either programmed (led by a pastor with pre-agreed hymns, readings and sermons) or silent unprogrammed worship, more usual in England and Wales, in which the meeting is held in contemplative silence and people only speak if inspired to do so.Monthly meetings are generally known in England as Preparative meetings.It argues that for both Quakers and Jews, science offered educational and career opportunities and ways of participating in the wider society.

Richard Tapper Cadbury, a draper from Exeter, moved to Birmingham to set up business.

The houses were never privately owned and were designed to always offer affordable accommodation – not simply for the Cadburys’ workers.

This study examines how two religious minorities — the Quaker and Anglo-Jewish communities — engaged with the sciences.

His son George continued the family business and with his brother Richard continued their father’s commitment to workers’ rights.

When the company moved out to a new site in the country they decided to build a factory town, which became known as Bourneville.

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