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“He had memory loss and poor concentration, and that’s for how long he’s lasted without food,” Landeros said. I saw him bad, truly bad.” De Leon said administrative confinement has no rehabilitative purpose.

He called it a “torture technique.” “It have deteriorated me psychologically, I’m constantly depress,” De Leon wrote in response to the survey.

“He will be gone, and it will be as if nothing happened.” De Leon, 34, is serving a 55-year prison sentence on armed robbery and kidnapping charges.

He also is facing trial for attempted homicide for stabbing a Columbia Correctional Institution staff member in 2014 with a scissors after he was denied a promotion at the prison library where he worked.

Alexandra Hall reports on solitary confinement for WPR Coburn Dukehart and Dee J.

Hall discuss WCIJ’s reporting on WORT with Mike Wagner. Hall talks about solitary confinement on WPR’s "Central Time". ” series examines Wisconsin’s prison system, including legislation affecting prisoners and their families.

Sixty-five inmates, many of whom have committed horrific crimes including multiple murders, violent attacks and sexual assault, responded to the surveys.

One respondent to the Center’s survey was in solitary for about 28 years; another has served 20 years.

“The truth is if something happens to him, the system will continue the same way it always has,” Karina De Leon said in Spanish, speaking in the living room of her family’s Milwaukee home.The Center’s survey — conducted in the wake of an inmate hunger strike launched in June aimed at ending long-term solitary confinement in Wisconsin — asked about prisoners’ living conditions, mental health status, whether they received regular meals and whether they had committed or been a victim of violence while in administrative confinement.Emily Shullaw for the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism Inmates in administrative confinement reported sleep deprivation from screaming and banging from other inmates and perpetual lighting.Wisconsin prison officials quietly changed mental health status of inmates in solitary, psychologist says Nearly 30 years in isolation: An inmate reflects on time in solitary Dee J.Hall interviews La Ron Mc Kinley about his 28 years in solitary.

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