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The USPS states that the vendors of postage meters ''must conduct inspection of certain meters on a scheduled basis'' and that ''the customer must comply''.All machines must also use the same fluorescent ink.According to USPS regulations, these must be "at locations designated by the postmaster of the licensing Post Office shown in the machine stamp unless authorized by the Postal Service to deposit it at a different location," or given to a mail carrier.However, discounted mail classes such as bulk mail (as stated previously) and pre-sorted first class mail need to be taken to the Post Office to verify the correct postage has been added.The five current approved providers are listed below: The listed providers install and setup the meters, they also set the servicing and leasing fees.As a result, the cost can vary from one supplier to another.The meter can only be used to add an estimated amount of postage to each item of bulk mail, any difference in postage is then paid at the Post Office.As a result, bulk mail cannot be dropped into a mailbox.

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To use a postage meter to process bulk mail, different rules apply.

The operator has to apply for a permit using form 3615: 'Mailing Permit Application and Customer Profile'.

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