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And, I am also very private about this part of my life as well.

So, I have decided to write about some of the expressions of love that make me feel really close to my husband (and even some that apply to friends and family), which have nothing to do with sex.

Guess he must know me better than I know myself in some ways.

To be truthful, I have always traded tickles with good friends and my sister too!

I got an instant erection which popped out of my pants through the open zipper. "I like little girls like you." My cock was beginning to ache. Then, on her own, she started sliding her hand up and down my shaft. The squealing, retching and crying just inflamed my passion even more, and holding her head in place, I began to fuck her mouth, driving my cock deeper into her little throat.

I believe sex with children is fine, especially when the child is a family member. "Just pretend it's a straw," I answered, barely able to contain my excitement.When we were young, we even went so far as to use a timer to trade off who’s turn it was!This seemingly little display of affection can go a long way.By this I mean being nice to me by lightly touching my face, back, arms, or hands.Often my husband does this if I can’t fall asleep and it works every time even though I say it won’t.

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