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Maybe at one point a customer said they were hungry while they were trying on shoes, but do you think the store owner ran out and put in a hamburger stand? But just imagine for a second that he actually did build a hamburger stand, do you think he would keep it running if no one was buying hamburgers?

Taking a page from Eric Reis’s “The Lean Startup“, anything you add to your product must be validated in order for it to stay there.

What makes this even worse is when the idea comes from one of your users.

You end up spending time and money building these features, and when all is said it done, you feel accomplished.

Here is a list of 10 of the most common UX mistakes and their fixes for you to keep an eye out for. You think, if you’re blown away by the way it looks, then that’s how your users will feel as well, right? You and your users have two entirely separate goals. The way to fix this mistake is to avoid it in the first place.

You want the product to wow users, but your users want to use the product. The best user interfaces are the ones that get out of the way and provide the user with simple, easy to understand tools. Don’t hire a Visual Designer to join your team until after you’ve worked with a UX Design or IA.

This ensures the feedback you get is from users who have fully engaged with your product.Do this with enough users and you’ll notice patterns that develop of people getting stuck on the same task.But this brings up the question, if you shouldn’t listen to what users want, how do you know what to build? First, analyze the way people are using your service. If they want to use what you’ve built for a purpose other than what you’ve designed it for, they’ll find a workaround.You’ll be building features no one will actually use.While the shoe store owner was busy listening to one person about how hungry they were, he failed to analyze his other customer’s behaviour.

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