Outlook calendar not updating on blackberry

This allows easy data transfer to keep up-to-date information on a mobile device.

If you use Black Berry Backup Extractor to retrieve files from a backup, Google Sync enables you to put contacts and calendar data back to your Black Berry phone with ease.

Black Berry backups made with Black Berry Desktop Manager are stored locally on your computer and can be accessed with Black Berry Backup Extractor.

Syncing your Blackberry contacts to your computer with Outlook is pretty neat and easy, especially if you have piles of contacts, both work and personal and you need to find your way through info you have gathered throughout the years.

Backup your existing Black Berry contacts before you sync them with your Google contacts in case something goes wrong.

If you need to restore the original Black Berry contacts, use the free Backup Contacts app.

Find out what to do when a Black Berry 7100i can receive but not send email over Exchange Server 2003. Continue Reading External email that isn't forwarding to Black Berry accounts can be a headache.

You can do it by Black Berry Link, by media card or by extracting data from your Black Berry backup with Black Berry Backup Extractor, then import Black Berry contacts and other data to your phone.

As of Blackberry Desktop Manager 7.0, the Black Berry Messenger (BBM) contacts are no longer contained in your Black Berry backup, but will be restored upon entering your Black Berry ID.

Here's a helpful tutorial on how to backup your contact list.

You may not always have the time or ability to do a physical synchronization with your PC and your Black Berry, but you can set up automatic and wireless syncing between your Black Berry smartphone and your Google Gmail contact list and calendar. Your Gmail contacts appear on your Black Berry and your Black Berry contacts show up on your Gmail account no matter where you access Gmail.

And, changes you make to your contacts when you're on the go automatically appear in your Gmail account and vice versa!

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