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This was a young girl who was not formally educated and who wasn’t a very good politician — she wasn’t trying to be one.I think [Shaw] wrote this play with a great deal of respect for Joan and what she went through, but there are no villains in the play; everybody’s doing what they think is best.

It’s obviously not about a woman staying true to her purpose — although my character is doing that.A white actor wouldn’t play Joan of Arc as a white character; she would play Joan of Arc.It just so happens that my culture is my culture, so naturally I bring that to everything, but it’s not something I feel I need to layer on.alumna and accomplished stage actress and director Phylicia Rashad and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad — as Sophie, a teenager who had been raped with a bayonet and left to die, but didn’t.The following years brought success on Broadway, with Condola starring opposite Orlando Bloom in , Rashad has been building up her physical and emotional stamina to play the warrior and future saint, whom she has come to regard as increasingly, inspiringly human.

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