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To find optimal values, start by setting them both to 1 (meaning that Pouch DB should download one document after the other) and increase from there and stop when the symptoms begin again.

If you run into the following error (or similar): ./~/pouchdb/~/levelup/Module parse failed: /path/to/node_modules/pouchdb/node_modules/levelup/Line 2: Unexpected token : You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.Nonetheless, running the file through the Installer app allowed the system update to install without a hitch.This is a fairly rare hiccup to occur with installations and updates, but I’ve seen it happen with Microsoft Office, Virtual Box, Mac OS X, and other downloaded updates as well. Do you know of another solution to this type of issue? The host system, or hypervisor, imposes limits on how much data each virtual machine can use for networking.If you are on a cheap virtual server, it is possible, that the default settings for Pouch DB pull-replication (10 parallel batches of 100 documents each) exhaust the narrow limit of your server. The solution is to move to a better server, but if that is not an immediate option, a workaround would be reducing the replication options.

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