Online dating for truckers

Their partners often can't deal with loneliness, so they decide to leave them and find someone who is present most of the time.This is very sad and heartbreaking, but it's something truckers have to deal with on a regular basis.I never complained about him not being around – all I wanted was for him to fight for us.Did I mess up or am I just blaming myself because I don't want to accept the fact that he doesn't care enough?

These people tend to be on the road for months when they're working, so it's safe to say that dating a truck driver is a rather challenging experience.It's safe to say that truckers don't have time for traditional dates, so they must try their luck on various trucker chat sites and matchmaking platforms.The trucking industry is one of the biggest parts of US economy simply because it transports large quantities of raw materials, works in process, and finished goods over land.It's no secret that most truckers enjoy casual and no-strings-attached types of relationships.The nature of their job does not allow them to develop a deeper romantic bond with someone.

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