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She had a long day at school with her last finals that she took she was really looking forward to the long summer with her friends and hanging out by the water hole. She made sure that no naked body parts were hanging out of her towel.

Her Dad came in “Hi sweetie how did your Finals go? ” she replied, She felt his eyes looking right through her towel and she got a very uncomfortable feeling that something was not right.

” As he was about to shut the bedroom door and lock it two German Sheppard’s came running into the room. She felt the wonderful sensation coming back again. ” He takes his cock and starts working it through the tight hole space that she calls a pussy. It goes in one inch more “NO…….” “Daddy can not see the head of his cock! “See sweetie I planted some seeds inside of you and who knows maybe it will be a girl and Daddy can do the same thing all over again with our little girl….” she gets a sicking feeling in the pit of her stomach “You know this is how a Daddy really loves his Daughter.” He pulled out and laid next to his Daughter.

She started to breath heavily and move her hips again. She is breathing heavily and realizes that his huge cock is actually going inside of her and it starts to really hurt her. ” another ½ inch goes slowly in “DON’T…” she yells, which makes him so hot that he is about to burst so he rams the remaining 6 inches right into her “She Screams at the top of her lungs “OUCH! She started to cry and he cuddled her and put his hand between her thighs and started to rub her clitoris. She was starring at him and he came in to kiss her, "I like it when you rub my pussy like that Daddy!

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