Nick stahl dating

The night goes well until the electricity powers out and a package arrives at the door containing six cards; written on them are the words, “prostitute, infidel, homosexual, rapist and hypocrite”.

These words are associated with the questions that were posed during the Taboo game that they played the previous year.

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Elizabeth's final question of what will happen to Christian lingers unanswered as he too takes a glass of the poisoned wine to live up to his family’s motto of “virtue, family, and justice.” David Nusair of Reel Films Reviews states that Nick Stahl, the lead actor, already proved his abilities in the film In the Bedroom and Bully; he suggests that Stahl probably owed the director a favor and was forced to take a starring role.

Piper, in her drunken state, brings up Christian's father’s past affair with a prostitute.

Once he impregnates her, he vanishes after his family discovers his infidelity. He reveals that he is dating Kate to show his parents that he is not gay in order to keep his inheritance.

Christian coerces Elizabeth to confess of setting up the game in order to expose the others’ moral weaknesses and exploited their secrets as leverage for blackmail.

Christian then reveals to Elizabeth that he is the killer and reasons that his motive was to protect Elizabeth because the group had become aware of her deception and they were going to take advantage of the dinner gathering to get revenge against Elizabeth.

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