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I bet you’ll love some of these great traditional tough dog names. Well, how about taking a look at our huge male dog names list over here. But that soon passes, and the teeth are never intended to be malicious.But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun thinking up scary names or nicknames for her.If you’re looking for tough dog names that will let everyone know exactly how strong and brave your pup is, you have absolutely come to the right place.Tough dog names are the perfect way to let everyone know that your dog means business. Whatever you’re in search of, there are tons of ideas here!

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Plenty of dogs get named after heroes from fiction, but what about those poor baddies?Big dog names can also make a massive impression on your friends and family.But maybe you were looking for a different take on tough? If you want a tough dog name that doesn’t have the immediate impact of a descriptive word, then you might like the sound of a villain-inspired name.They’re a walking advertisement for loyalty and strength. Naming trends come and go, but we are firmly convinced that these names are destined for greatness.Our ten favorite tough dog names for 2019 are: I have to admit, I have a serious soft spot for tough dogs.

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