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I met your son while we were both studying abroad, in the most surprising way.He talked to me in the nicest manner possible, always being respectful and humble.We connect you with thousands of singles, women and men internationally looking for friendships, dating and long term relationships. - Truly 100% free: We don't charge for anything, ever.Sign up today to browse photo profiles and use chat and email to communicate with singles for marriage. - Free Private real-time chat: Allows you to have real-time dating chat with other members. We take this very seriously so you can see from where the user is logon and you can see if he in the country he said he live.And I have heard so many stories of revert who were rejected by Muslims because of that.I always thought to myself, “Thank God this could never happen to me.” Thanks for proving me wrong, ma’am, thanks for showing me that I am not good enough, that I am not worth the try.That is something you could have known if you tried to get to know me.

We discussed about plans, projects, ambitions, and even baby names. And I would like to think he loves me as much as I do. Hate me for my character; push me away for the way I am.

This feeling of anger mixed with tears and pain is no gift.

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It is killing me to think that the man, who should have been the father of my children, will now become a complete stranger.

Not because of who he is, not because of who I am; but because of backwards traditions that are, not only insulting the essence of our religion, but also to the pure essence of humanity and brotherhood. They picked, without being forced by family nor environment, their religion, the best of all.

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