Moroccan men dating black women

“Black people face difficult conditions and regular abuse. We face administrative difficulties, especially when go for our student permit or scholarships.” Black Students Return Home After Their Studies “In Morocco, we can’t really talk about it.We are called ‘bloody Negroes’ in Arabic, asked to leave the country, called ‘AIDS carriers’. 2M, a moroccan TV station once organized a debate on the topic.People worry about what their family or friends would think.

The first includes the endogenous Black populations who are directly descended from slaves and are now mixed with the Moroccan population.They do not share the same facilities with the ‘white’ Moroccan students.It’s all very communitarian,” says Herv Baldagai, former Secretary-General of CESAM (Confederation of African Foreign Students in Morocco).The problem is that certain parts of the interviews were censored, especially those parts where there were complaints. “For the most part, we do not make the effort to explain the attitude of certain Moroccans.We discuss the cases of assault in the streets among ourselves, but that’s about it. In general, at the end of their studies, Black students return to their home countries. In my opinion, certain factors need to be considered. Black Muslims are less persecuted than Black Christians or animists.

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