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The Mormon Church in its official church magazine, "The Ensign", uses a story of a struggling single mother of 6 as an example of paying tithing. As of late December 2017, the Mormon Church in the United States reported no net change for the number of congregations for the entire year (184 new wards/branches organized, 184 wards/ branches discontinued).

The mother would rather have her children homeless and hungry than to neglect paying tithing. Mormon Church congregation growth now stagnant April 2017 The Mormon Church Growth rate is at a new low level.

Mormon Church admits growth significantly slowing worldwide Jul.

2016 The Mormon Church now admits the Book of Mormon is not entirely historical.

Mountain Meadows July 2012 A recently published in estimates that the Mormon Church donates only about 0.7 percent of its annual income to charity; the United Methodist Church gives about 29 percent.

Interesting comments from the attorneys defending the Mormon corporation. 2014 Anonymous essays are now defining Mormon doctrine and history.If paying tithing means that you can't pay your rent, pay tithing. The Genetic Catastrophe That Has Sprung from Polygamy Sep.Even if paying tithing means that you don't have enough money to feed your family, pay tithing. 22, 2012 Twede excommunication scheduled due to his writing of factual history of the Mormon church and criticism of Romney. 11, 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre -120 members of the Francher party traveling through Utah executed by Mormons.2013 Mormon Church income annually through tithing is estimated at 7 billion dollars. 2013 Mormon General Authorities have a very comfortable life on the backs of tithe paying members.If paying tithing means that you can't pay for water or electricity, pay tithing.

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