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So anyway all and all Cloe is a decent encounter one could do both worse and better, i would probably suggest to someone who wants to try out a TS for first time.

Anyway hope all this helps Cloe doesn't look terrible just not as hot as some of the photos, I have a hookup for this other shemale, she hangs around on I will try and visit in next 2 weeks and post the goods accordingly.

Nicely shaved 7 inch cut cock and not afraid to use it on you. Had left my pant on her dresser and when I left all my money was gone.On the minus side, session was somewhat rushed, she is really into safe play(I play safe too) but she won't allow you to cum on her(tits or ass)?? I need to find a nice girl who will take her time(I hate being rushed spoils things from the start) and who really gets into session.suggestions?, the boobs are a bit of a downer but otherwise I had a good time and would probably repeat. Found a gem named Mryriam one night and have been with her three times.Very cute blonde, big pumped up tits and horny as hell.

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