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My father took to the Websites like a freshly divorced 42-year-old who’s just discovered Craigslist.He uploaded my profile on several, indicating that only men living in New York City need apply (nota bene, Mr. Unfortunately, in the world of, this means most of the men live in New Jersey, while working in IT departments all around New York. This may be why dates are surprised to discover I enjoy a glass of wine or two with dinner, and another couple afterward, even though the profile says I never drink. This is no small task, as anyone who’s done any online dating can attest.

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of who someone is rather than the reality, and the proliferation of social media and app profiles don’t help.

It takes a lot of work, but it also adds value to your life.

It’s not something to be treated as disposable, yet many people don’t even want to bother trying at one. Anything in life worth having takes some perseverance and commitment.

Nearing 50, he’d just seen his marriage fall apart, and he mourned its passing by plastering his body with fresh tattoos and picking bar fights.

I found it terribly sexy that he rode a Harley, perhaps less so that his apartment was decorated with Wonder Woman paraphernalia.

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