Long hang out before dating

If they seem reasonably normal and there’s no major warning signs, then I won’t make a call on whether our personalities suit.I think for women it’s more important to do some digging just so that they feel safe with the person *and obviously meet somewhere public.I might say something silly like ‘I’m a lady so don’t stand me up ;)’ or ‘If one of us is late drinks are on them.’ It sort of stresses a boundary, because I value my time. For me, that’s a bad idea—like stepping into a bear trap.

If there’s no reply, or if I want to be more direct, I’ll say: ‘How are you doing for time?

Just enough for her to feel comfortable that I’m a cool guy that she wants to hang out with, and so that it feels right for both of us to meet up and chat.

[Read: 7 stages of first date panic and how to quell them] #7 Not psychoanalyzing the person over text.

Firstly, even my closest friends and family have a difficult time at working me out at times. Although she’s asking me to tell her everything about me, she doesn’t really want to know—even if she thinks she does.

Plus, if we have great chemistry over text together it just becomes too much.

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