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It only takes a couple of minutes, and within a few clicks, you'll be taking your pick from a diverse range of profiles. The Short Version: Over the years, Ian Isherwood has seen many of his friends and family members in Kenya struggle to find companionship, dates, and lifelong partners, so he founded Date Me to make it easier on them as well as thousands of people throughout the country.“I’ve brought the European style of dating into a different culture, which doesn’t always work at the beginning. After 13 years, he had saved up enough money to start a business in Kenya and returned to his home country. I’d had some experience working on ecommerce sites, so I looked at online dating,” he told us. I didn’t know much about dating besides my own success and horror stories.

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#Kenyan Dating Tips #Kenyan C3tmd Today's Online Dating Tip for Men - Avoid Shirtless Pictures In Your Dating Profile.“We’re only here in Kenya, so we don’t let people join from the outside,” he said.“I want it to have security, and I want people to meet up face to face. I don’t believe in online relationships.” That’s especially important in a country like Kenya with a growing economy.That’s why Ian Isherwood created Date Me, a dating site that helps Kenyans connect without having to worry about scammers or people who aren’t interested in long-term, meaningful relationships.“I am Kenyan, actually fourth generation,” Ian said. You should love yourself first, figure out what you want, and then join us.” Ian came up with the idea for Date Me Kenya after he had spent time studying and working in the United Kingdom.

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