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My boyfriend and I are looking for other couples into K9.

We are a happy, attractive and fun couple (currently without a dog) looking to make friends with couples that have dogs. We have several fantasies that are with and without K9. He would like to fuck me while getting fucked by a man.

I drove down to his place on Saturday afternoon so that we could hang out, drink beer, watch k9 porn, and then do some dog sex. She doesn't participate, but she DID want to meet me before leaving us alone. She left to go out with her girlfriends and then we were alone.

I was very nervous about it all, more nervous than I've been about sex in a long time. The guy offers me a beer and I say hell yeah, because I'm gonna need to get drunk for this. It was decent outside, so we sat on his back deck and drank and talked all about k9 sex, how he got started with it, who else he'd had come over, etc.

I've had 6 beers at this point and am buzzing hard. He tells me to strip and change into a t-shirt and sweat pants (he gives me a pair of old sweats to use). The owner gets on all fours, and Maverick starts humping away like mad.

I hear the guy say "Oh YEAH" and the dog's cock is in him. He seems to be as Maverick keeps jumping up on both of us. I do, and Maverick gets behind me and starts licking my asscrack.

Then he grabs my hand and has me reach back to hold behind the knot so he can watch and jack off.

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I swivel onto my back and get my head below the dog.You can register right here for free and set up your own profile right now!When registering we require minimal personal information about you. You can view our full privacy policy by Clicking Here.I brought a DVD that I own, and he had a couple that he owned too.We watched is straight k9 videos first-- women getting the knot, etc. He was very interested in these scenes, as he had been fucked before but never really watched other guys getting it. Evidently he knew what was about to happen, and was VERY excited for it.

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