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I do beauty all day, every day, so I look foward to taking a back seat to explaining everything.However, I will admit that I totally revamped my girlfriend’s routine and now she has better skin than me. Nam: Don’t worry, you have good skin karma :) Utibe: Getting that printed on a T-shirt!Maybe they don’t understand the power of P50 and just focus on the...smell.There’s only one thing to do in those scenarios: dump them. But now that you’re really listening, ITG thought it would be fun to assemble a group of self-proclaimed beauty diehards to talk about what it’s like to introduce their elaborate routines (and hefty product stockpiles) to a person they’re just starting to date. I’m the senior beauty editor here at Into The Gloss.My routine changes all the time, so much so that by the time this thing publishes it will probably be different, but right now, in the mornings I cleanse, tone/exfoliate, use a hyaluronic acid serum that requires that I mist my face first (LOL), pat on an essence and then an eye cream, and then finish with a moisturizer with SPF. If I’m wearing makeup that day, I’ll double cleanse with an oil cleanser first, and I switch to an eye cream that has retinol in it. I don’t do it every day, but it still takes forever. If I’m wearing it straight, I’ve got to block out at least an hour and a half. I wash, condition, blow-dry, flat iron, and then curl.If I’m wearing it curly, I have to pre-poo, poo, condition, moisturize, dry it with a microfiber towel, and then set it with a little bit of gel. And since my bathroom gets so hot, I usually have to do this entirely naked, or I’ll get hot and sweat and need to do the whole thing all over again.Utibe: I started dating my girlfriend right before I started interning at Glossier, so she’s seen my beauty routine change from basically nothing to a whole slew of stuff. Every time I bring something to my apartment, a new serum or some candles, she tries to make me add something to the “donation pile.” Nam: OMG, who does not like a good donation pile? Otherwise I would have 10 serums, 17 chemical exfoliators, and 25 conditioners that do the same thing at any given time. And it also warms my heart when I am able to give it away. Nam: The good news is my man does not need to spend money to spoil me with skincare; I spoil ! I get all anime sparkly-eyed with curiosity so I get how it can be a lot, but it’s nice to be with someone who doesn’t deny me something I’m enthusiastic about.

I also know what works for me, so I use those products until they run out.I can be ready in 10 minutes or less at this point. Utibe: [Laughs] Ashley: When Ben and I first started dating, he hardly washed his face. Arabelle: One, I love that PC retinol; I use it too.Or: I would say I’m “challengingly invested” in beauty. Two, my girlfriend just sits on the toilet and closes her eyes and lets me do her entire routine and then we make out.Ashley: I probably own more makeup products than anything, followed by skincare, and then hair.But on a day-to-day basis, skincare takes up more of my time and energy than anything else by far.

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