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JANE AUSTEN' S GUIDE TO DATING By Lauren Henderson. It might also employ the self-help format, that perennial sustainer of sales figures. It might, for example, be written by a hip British chick-lit author.Harnessing the triumphs and pitfalls of Austen's classic characters, Henderson shows how qualities like honesty, self-awareness, and forthrightness always win the right man—and still let you respect yourself in the morning.A completely new and amusing approach to dating, Jane Austen's Guide to Dating includes insightful personality quizzes that reveal which Jane Austen character you—and your mate—most resemble.

Henderson (who moved here to be with her American boyfriend, then stayed when things didn't work out) says she wrote her book as an aid for those led astray by recent American relationship guides ("The Rules," "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" and so on) and faulty counsel from friends.

Austen fans will derive the most pleasure from this book, but others will find more relevant love advice elsewhere.

Recommended for larger libraries and literary communities.

Despite all this, Henderson makes a sincere effort to inform, trotting out 10 chapters of mostly common-sense advice, each based on a principle extracted from Austen's fiction ("If You Like Someone, Make It Clear That You Do," "Don't Fall for Superficial Qualities"), with appendixes abridging Austen's plots for those who flirted their way through high school English.

Each chapter also contains three regurgitated examples from Austen (in "Don't Play Games or Lead People On," it's Willoughby, Frank Churchill and Henry Crawford), followed by summaries of Dos and Don'ts and interspersed with Lessons to Be Learned.

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