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Isotope analysis is the identification of isotopic signature, the abundance of certain stable isotopes and chemical elements within organic and inorganic compounds.

Isotopic analysis can be used to understand the flow of energy through a food web, to reconstruct past environmental and climatic conditions, to investigate human and animal diets in the past, for food authentification, and a variety of other physical, geological, palaeontological and chemical processes.

Carbon isotope ratios can be measured in bone collagen or bone mineral (hydroxylapatite), and each of these fractions of bone can be analysed to shed light on different components of diet.

The carbon in bone collagen is predominantly sourced from dietary protein, while the carbon found in bone mineral is sourced from all consumed dietary carbon, included carbohydrates, lipids, and protein.

All biologically active elements exist in a number of different isotopic forms, of which two or more are stable. The ratio of the two isotopes may be altered by biological and geophysical processes, and these differences can be utilized in a number of ways by ecologists.

The main elements used in isotope ecology are carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur, but also include silicon, iron, and strontium.

Although the rate of turnover of isotopic oxygen in hydroxyapatite is not fully known, it is assumed to be similar to that of collagen; approximately 10 years.

Consequently, should an individual remain in a region for 10 years or longer, the isotopic oxygen ratios in the bone hydroxyapatite would reflect the oxygen ratios present in that region.

The stable isotope compositions are expressed in terms of delta values (δ) in permil (‰), i.e. They express the proportion of an isotope that is in a sample.

Analysis is usually done using a mass spectrometer, detecting small differences between gaseous elements.

Analysis of a sample can cost anywhere from to 0.

Teeth are not subject to continual remodelling and so their isotopic oxygen ratios remain constant from the time of formation.

The isotopic oxygen ratios, then, of teeth represent the ratios of the region in which the individual was born and raised.

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