Intro online dating

"We might get someone, say a male whose in his early fifties but only wants a female partner in her early thirties - we never work on that basis." While Feargal acknowledges that it won't always work for some people, he says that 1 in 4 of their matches end up married or in long-term partnerships, so clearly matchmaking when done right, can help cupid's arrow strike.

He agrees however, that the whole concept of using a matchmaking service is still very much considered taboo for some, and says a third of their clients come just by word of mouth.

For a lot of single people, online dating has lost its swipe spark.

But if you're still struggling to meet people in real life, what's your plan B?

"When we sit down to talk with people, our goal is to make sure expectations are on the same page.

People are people, people have flaws." He points out that many, can have unrealistic expectations when it comes to, for example, age.

Behold, the concept of the professional match-making service.

Some sites let either person send a message, while others like Bumble require the woman to get the party started. The best way to start a conversation (and keep it going) is to ask a question.

No, not Side note: don’t be disappointed if a man doesn’t message you back.

"Matchmaking of this kind only works if you take it as seriously as you would finding the right job; it doesn't happen overnight." "When it comes to finding romance, a lot are told 'what's for you, won't pass you by.' Actually, yes it will!

Some people are really lucky in that it can 'just happen' but those cases are rare.

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