Intimidating antonym

Sentences with the word intimidate Words that rhyme with intimidate What is the past tense of intimidate? happy, quiet, sunny, flighty, calming, tranquil, mirthful, lighthearted, lulling, gentle, agreeable, relaxing, soothing, easy, featherbrained, soft, pleasant, playful, bright, glad, sweet, benign, merry, benignant, mild, mellow, harebrained, tender, inviting, pleasing, meek, comforting, pacifying, bland, reassuring, giddy, cheerful, tranquilizing, goofy, encouraging, consoling, silly, light-headed, scatterbrained, frivolous.

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There are other allusions to this intimidating insect in this book.

Every thing had been done by the Indians to render this show as intimidating as possible.

There has been no systematic devastation for the purpose of intimidating the people.

In short, though you can intimidate him, you cannot bluff him.

Was it not, then, the shout the warriors make when they wish to intimidate their enemies?

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