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They report from festivals all over the world (Venice, Miami, New York), provide archive sound-bytes from the Museum of Modern Art and even broadcast contemporary experimental music and exclusive DJ sets.The Above Top Secret Radio broadcasts from Scottsdale, AZ, and is all about fun. I wanted to be with him when he got his 1st much desired stamp in his passport (he was so disappointed that he didn’t get one when we drove across the border into Mexico. Oo T (pronounced Know-It-All), he has been debating with me about the importance and structure of going through international customs.

No wonder, since they’re based in New York, NY, in the wonderful historic Clockhouse building in Lower Manhattan, no less.

It broadcasts from Carlsbad California and provides Hay House authors with their own weekly online air space for shows and events.

The topics covered include self-help, affirmations, gratitude, development, and lots of others.

Music, local news, politics, world talk and consecrated radio hosts and shows, that have been around for decades.

Filed under: aura,bad dates,dating,internet dating,karma, Mr. Oo T,online dating,texting,vacation — Grey Goose, Dirty @ pm Tags: dating, good times, internet dating, online dating, relationships, shit shows, travel ….there’s more! Oo T and I have been the same mismatched and ill fitted couple we’ve always been. If he didn’t use any terms of endearment, I didn’t either. Things haven’t been great lately but just because I don’t want you all to get bored with reading the same ridiculous stories of our angsty relationship, I thought I’d add a twist.

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