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The images that surface of them elicit countless tweets from fans who “ship” the relationship “so hard.” months go by without the pair appearing in public together.Was something up, or did the Delevingne and Benson simply seek some privacy? But by the end of July, they’re seen with Canadian dancer Tati Mc Quay at the Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.Stop making things up.’ But it took the Pride celebrations this year to see the pair finally go official, as Cara shared a picture of herself and Ashley sharing a steamy kiss on Instagram. about their decision to go public: ‘I don’t know, because it is Pride.It’s been 50 years since Stonewall happened and I don’t know.This is the first girl she’s ever dated ‘This relationship with Cara is the first time she’s been in a healthy relationship and she feels as if it’s really easy with her.’ Can we just say they’re official, now?The duo rarely posted pictures of themselves on social media, however Stylist Jami Mizrahi share a pic of them looking pretty cosy in the back of a car earlier this year.August 12: Delevigne throws herself a star-studded 26th birthday in Hollywood, where Zoë Kravitz, Kate Beckinsale, and Margot Robbie show up to party.According to an Instagram of the event that she posts on August 26, she’s “still giggling with MERmazing memories.” describes as a “passionate kiss” at Heathrow airport.

September 28: Benson heads to Paris to sit front-row at the Balmain runway show, which Delevingne just so happens to be walking in. January 4: The couple hits a relationship milestone: Benson publicly grabs Delevingne’s butt.However, they were still yet to make things official, as shortly after the party Ashley told People magazine: ‘I just kinda try to keep myself as private as possible.’ She even explained her ‘C’ necklace to Elle, adding: ‘There’s this company called Lola James that designs these ‘squad goals’ or friendship necklaces, so that’s really it.’ As time went on, they were spotted hanging out more and more, with them making their first official appearance together at the Paris Fashion Week.Sources started to talk, and in October an insider told Us Weekly: ‘Ashley and Cara are dating.It’s been just about our one year anniversary so, why not?’ In July the couple stepped up their PDA and were spotted out sporting what looked to be an engagement ring – each.

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