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She never closed doors all the way and she was usually distracted with her thoughts as she looked away while getting dressed.It was only natural that I would eventually want some souvenirs of her body for self-gratification later -- so I started taking pictures of her with my cell phone. I left my phone home one day and she tried to call me.We hugged and I told her "thank you, I love you so much." The next morning, mom surprised me.She was still dressed in her sleep shirt, but she was carrying her towel and shower supplies.I think she was just busying up her mind so that she wouldn't have to think about her son oogling her as she was getting naked and going in the shower. She kept on talking, not requiring any response from my part.I just watched, through rippled glass, my mother fondling (so it was in my imagination) all her lady parts in the shower; squeezing and massaging her breasts, running her hands down her body and across her belly, her hands cupping her pussy and then working in the lather. I have always been attracted to my mother, she is a very attractive lady for her age; full, round breasts, Rubenesque figure, toned legs (not too skinny, not too fat), just enough make-up to show that she cares and jet black hair in a short, pixie haircut.

It was probably nothing, but it looked like she was fingering herself and that's how I remembered it in my head when I jerked off to it afterwards. She tried to look as non-sexy as possible, but was greeted by me instead with a goofy lustful smile.That was the point that I reached in my shorts and started jacking off.Watching my mom undress was nice, but I still felt weird about it.It was already late, but the rest of the day was the best ever.Mom finished with the kitchen, worked on the laundry and joined me later with a movie ... Halfway through the movie, I could tell that she was enjoying herself: coy smiles as she looked my way; stretching her legs out, displaying her crotch; cracking her back, pushing her chest out. " "I'm not going to put on anything sexy, you know." I knew, but I just wanted to watch her get dressed.

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