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Section50a Newspaper for notices Section51One-year waiting period Section52Security for creditors(2) If the discharge of an obligation is not possible at the time, or if an obligation is disputed, the property may be distributed to the persons entitled to receive it only if security is provided to the creditor.table of contents Liquidators who commit breaches of their duties under section42 (2) and sections50, 51 and 52 or who, before the satisfaction of the creditors, distribute assets to the persons entitled to receive are, if they are at fault, responsible to the creditors for the damage resulting from this; they are liable as joint and several debtors.table of contents Associations without legal personality are governed by the provisions on partnership.

When a transaction is entered into with a third party in the name of such an association, the person acting is personally liable; if more than one person acts, they are liable as joint and several debtors.table of contents Section55Jurisdiction over entry in the register Section55a Electronic register of associations1principles of proper data processing are observed, in particular that precautions against a loss of data are taken, the necessary copies of the databases are kept current at least on a daily basis and the original databases and copies of them are kept in safe custody.3measures required by the schedule to section126 (1) sentence 2 no.

The submission may be submitted to the court in the original or in a publicly-certified copy.table of contents(1) The local court [Amtsgericht] may enjoin the members of the board to comply with the provisions of section67 (1), section71 (1), section72, section74 (2), section75 (2) and section76 by imposing coercive fines.

Section79Inspectionof the register of associations(2) The introduction of a computerised procedure enabling the data to be transmitted from electronic registers of associations by retrieval is admissible if it is guaranteed that2admissibility of the retrievals can be monitored on the basis of a log.(3) The user must be informed that he can use the data transmitted only for information purposes. by spot checks) whether there is evidence that the inspectionpermitted under sentence 1 above has been exceeded or transmitted data are being misused.(5) The competent agency is the Land justice administration authority.

If there is a dispute as to whether a member of an executive body or a special representative has caused damage with intent or gross negligence, the burden of proof is incumbent on the association or on the member of the association.

Section 31b Liability of members of the association(2) If members of the association are obliged under subsection(1) sentence1 to provide to another party compensation for damage which they caused in performing the duties of the association, in accordance with the articles of association, that have been assigned to them, they may require the association to release them from the obligation.

Section45Devolution of the assets of the association(2) The articles of association may provide that the persons entitled to receive the assets are specified by a resolution of the general meeting or by another organ of the association.

The exercise of membership rights cannot be entrusted to another person.table of contents(1) The members have the right to leave the association.

Section40Flexible provisions Section41Dissolution of the association Section42Insolvency(2) If an association is insolvent or is overindebted, the board must petition for the commencement of insolvency proceedings.

If the objects of the association are not commercial business operations, the general meeting may, even without such a provision, allocate the assets to a public foundation or institution.

Section46Devolution on the treasury Section47Liquidation Section48Liquidators(2) The liquidators have the legal status of the board, unless the purpose of the liquidation leads to a different conclusion.

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