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This pedal is perfect for adding that extra drive boost to your sound without becoming overbearing.

Pro tip: Set your amp up with a touch of gain and kick this in when you need to push it a little harder for a beautiful sounding overdrive tone that retains all the beauty of your amplifier and guitar.

A distortion pedal will cram a load of filth and grit into your tone, and depending on which option you choose will either create some serious rocking crunch or all-out doom laden, earth shattering distortion by saturating and taking over the signal completely.

With most distortion pedals, it doesn't really matter how hard or soft you play - you'll get the same effect.

Overdrive pedals can sometimes be confused with distortion pedals, but make no mistake, an overdrive is a different animal altogether.

Overdrive pedals drive your valves to the point of distortion, or at the very least mimic what that would sound like if you have a solid state amplifier.

A distortion pedal is a hard clipping device that is here to do one job and do it well - Distort your sound!

If you want more options, check out the Boss Waza Craft SD-1W Super Overdrive with all analogue circuitry and a more refined custom tone designed by the the engineers in Boss Japan. The pedal says to your amp "OK, I like the sound you've got, but I'm here to push that sound and make you work harder!Trust us, you’ll really appreciate it, especially through the likes of a VOX AC30, Fender Bassbreaker or Marshall JCM 800.Ideal for: Blues, Rock and Country players as well as those who want a gain boost with a bit of flavor without losing the tone of their guitar or amplifier too much.To understand the difference though, we need to look at each type of effect just in a little bit more detail.If you want the short version, just skip to the bottom of the blog - but hey, maybe stick around?

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