Heidi montag and spencer pratt dating

Was it all Heidi's fault, or did Spencer master-manipulate his life , Stephanie described their early years growing up in Malibu and Pacific Palisades as the "ultimate relaxing beach childhood," raised by mom Janet and their dentist father William, along with older sister Kristin, Janet's daughter from her first marriage to her high school sweetheart."Not much has changed with my brother since we were kids," Stephanie wrote.

"He was always a charismatic child—there was never a dull moment...

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But then the sister ended up liking her brother's enemies a lot more than she thought she would.When she was discharged, she went back to social drug use, cocaine at parties and Oxy "from time to time." "A disaster waiting to happen," she described the state of her life.Stephanie moved to Hawaii on a whim after being enchanted by the first season of , and returned to full-time prescription-drug use.On pills and toasted on the free champagne provided to serious shoppers at Neiman Marcus, she and her pal Amber paid for ,000 worth of stuff and then got caught trying to walk out of the store layered in ,000 worth of designer clothing and accessories.After a few days in jail, Amber's dad took them to the airport, and their moms picked them up in L. Stephanie recalled telling her mom that she wanted to kill herself.

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