Funda onal dating

With Spencer questioning Rosie about her intentions with Hugo, they’re unaware that him and Millie are sharing a kiss.Ollie finally gives Gabriella an explanation to why he ended the relationship and confesses to being bisexual.With Hugo still torn between Millie and Rosie, he makes a decision and ends things with Millie before going after Rosie and asking her for a relationship.However, when Rosie find out about Hugo’s kiss with Millie she realises he can’t be the one for her.

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Caggie finally makes an effort to get to know Funda a bit more and asks her out to brunch.

At the masquerade ball, Spencer realises his plan has backfired when Caggie confronts him over what he’s told Millie.

Elsewhere, Rosie offers Hugo a way out of his relationship leaving Millie upset, and Ollie hurts Gabriella by talking to another girl.

Agne announces her resignation after the fallout with Francis, and Ollie ends up getting a date whilst trying to set up Cheska.

Wanting to move on from Spencer for good, Caggie decides to move back to New York, but asks Millie to keep it a secret from the others.

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