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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. MDCCCXCIV g VO DIE SACRA BISAECVLARIA VNIVERSITATIS SOLEMNITER PERAGEBANTVR AD GRADVM DOCTOR IS HONORIS CAYSA PROVECTVS SVM HVNC UBRVM GRATO ANIMO DO DEDICO CONTENTS. zii Wu Txsos OP Cbavcmm avd Saxlt Somon zvi BUVP ACOOUVT OP THB Gh SAMMAB, Mb TSX, Yb UIPICATIOV, AVD Pb OVUK- ci ATiov xviil fio MACVT OP THX Bots : Fnifl;ment A i •I ITni^nifint B • .18 •t Fragmeot C • ........ The Pral[ig:ao The Euishtea Tula Tbo Miller's Prolosae .... The Manciple's Prologue 669 The Maonciples Talo 670 • (1 Bocp I. 4000 erl they fonnden hem afom g nndir an hawethom. nbred, and a napi)e he took, 40U5 une pitonsly him shook. 4015 Thou dost gret foly for to leve Bialaooil here-in, to calle The yonder man to shenden us alle. And stoppe sone and deliverly Alle the gappis of the hay ; Do no favour, I thee pray. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Eirimgkm and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon intha Univerniy of Cansbridgt OXFORD: AT THE CLARENDON PRESS LONDON : HENRY FROWDE, AMEN CORNER, E. NEW YORK: HENRY FROWDE, 91 & 93 FIFTH AVENUE 1903 L AMPLISSIMO PHILOSOPHORVM ACADEMIAE FRIDERICIANAE HALENSIS CVM VITEBERGENSI CONSOCIATAE ORDINI CVIVS EX DECRETO DIE III. The Parson's Prologue 674 The Persones Tale 675 pr ESCDix : Vauatioss axd Emcxdatioxs 719 L^j MAKT TO Clf Ar CCIl's Wo KKS I uc MAAa T TO Frarukstts B axd C of the Rou ACTn* OF THE Bos E 133 A3 INTRODUCTION. Gaof TBXT Ca AUCXB WM bom in London, about 1340 (not 15^8, as was formerly ■aid X His father was John Chancer, citizen and vintner of London, and his mother's name "was Agnes. Thou^ that thou slepe, we may here Of Jelousie gret noyse here. It fiedlith no-thing to thy name 4095 f Make fair semblaunt, where thou maist blame. Dogged and fel thou shuldist be ; Froward and outrageous, y-wis ; A cherl chaungeth that ourteis is. 3 ^ t*-^ % 1 11^ ^-^li I THE COMPLETE WORKS OF GEOFFREY CHAUCER EDITED FROM NUMEROUS MANUSCRIPTS BY THE REV. in 1338, and this connexion with the court led to bis son's employment there, some years after- wards, as a page in the household of Elisabeth, wife of Lionel, duke of Clarence, the third son of Edward III. Ta Hn 411^ irith a modified Towel In the infinitive, the i DOt-Towal i^peaiiiif i the pt. Thna the not *ts (of Glothio Ml^^ini, to seek X appean in tl A. C3 Thyn herto, I trowo, bo f&iled al ; Thin ehatt repe Dt« la Epeclal, If Jolouiyo the 8ly to piece to hond Oi the diche were liftea made, Ilea batayled large and hrade,4JOO and hora ahnlde not attosme 1 the diche over the plajme. In the household accounts of this princess, mention ia of various articles of clothing and other necessaries purchased for ^ (Geoffrey ' * in April, May, and December, 1357, when he was about seventeen years old. when that king invaded France, and was there taken prisoner. i OQiye hath enviroon te his gamiaoon Jlea ronnde, and diche dope, 4Ja5 I raaar for to kepe. To consider the latter first, we find, firom the Issue Bolls of the Exchequer, that a lifo- pcnsion of jo marks was granted by the king to Chaucer in 1367, in consideration of his services, as being one oi the valets of the king's household. Of every thing that ahe may aea 4145 Drede ia ated, wha»«o ahe be ; For with a pair of litel winde Drede ia aatonied in hir minde.

; together with aunie Bmallor IB from ftuotbcr I iift of (C^Vi Uv. Whilst still retaining this office, he was now also appointed Oonptnillor of the Petty Customs (May 8, 138s). In Febro Axy, 1385, he was allowed the great privilege of nominating a por- manant depaty to poxform his duties as Comptroller. and tnutetb bit, Whiohe lew hir travel at the last. ' WI17I0B1 1 thluke haw Ldto to me S*Tde ha wolde Uk((ii ) »ll(e| gree Uraeni M, if Dnpacie Qce 457; Qtnaed m* to itnon offenu. of hii goodlihedc, To Bialaooil do cent Una Me, 4605 IW wboaa 1 live in aneb diitnuve, 1WI E not* dayan for pena Ttnce^ Bnt tnt, wlihraie repentanneo, I wl m cawftw a in good oatant. 'Ybb.1,' 1/An he 1 OUdto 'Oftliat h«»r Je] slin Me re lich lord u lie, And maiflter nrnch Hei^ory,' llaltou H. T l^r irthon knewe liim, ont of donl, J Ijshtly tbaa shaldo eacapen oat I Of the prlmi D that laarrath tbee,' L'Aourunt. aitli my lord iahe, 4680 I And t hia man, maad with myn bonde, I Z wo Lle right iiiyn nndirvtondo ■ Tol(ni' ; 47G. tloorge's day (April Ji) in 1374, graiited our poet a pitcher of wine daily, to bo rotoived from the king's bntler, Ou Uay lu of tlio some }-ear, Chnncor took a lorn of a hoose in Aldgat«, fortho term of his life, from Uio Corpurntion of London ; but he altorwatds gave it up to a ftiond in October, 1586 ; and it is probable tliat he had censed to re^de ia it iir n year or mom previously. from the duke of Laimaster for the good service rendered by him nnd his wife Pbilippa to the said Duke, to hid consort, and to hia mother tho Qneeiu TTiis is tho first mention of Philippa Chaooer aa Geoffrey's -wife, thongh u Philippn Chaocer is mentioned as one of tho Ladies of the Chamber to Qncen Fliilippa, un September n, 1366, and mbseqaently. Ws find the oontnclad form Ml, fbr Udda U, in the J p. Uwt [ nuy bim tee, Wo nil nut that I cnrvd be Of tba peyn M that I ondore, 4.175 Nor or my cruel nvenlnre. If I bo pat ont of your grace, 443(1 Ai it ihal never been, I hope ; Than sholda t fallef Dj In vitnbope. Lovora she pat in ftel gret pnyn, And makith hem vitb wo to Uo Lo. It has been oonjactnred that Chancer was liot married till 1374, and that he married a relative, or at least some one bearing tho same unme as himself; bat this snppoaitio D is needless and Improbable ; there is DO reason why the Fhilippa Chaacer mentioneil in 13(16 may not have been already married to the poet, who was then at least 7fi years of age. In t J7S his mcome was increased by receiving from tho Ci-own(Sov Enibur B) tho custody of the lands and person of one Eilmond Stiiplegato, of Kent. Hir foir blbeeat duoeynth fsla, For die wol bibote, B^irly, And fkilen a Air ontraly. Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. The Compleint of Chancer to his Empty Parse .126 XX. Inntonncmoa to tii M.111 op Liw'i Pbolo The Pntlogae of the Uuuiei Tale of Lave The Tale o( the Uim at Lnwe Cordtnta. The Wife of Bftth's Prologue 565 The TRleoftho Wyf of Bathe 576 The Friar's Prologno 581 The Freres TUo 58J The Somnoar's Prologue 587 The Somnonrs Tale 588 QKorp E. We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Prorerhe 126 XXL Against Women Unoonstant 127 XXIL An Amorons Compleint (Compleint Damonrs) • '7 XXIIL A Balode of Compleynt 129 XXIV. The Clerk's Prologae 596 The Clerkcs Tale 597 The Merchant's Prologue 612 The liarohantes Tale 613 Epilogue to the Marchantes Tale 637 Gaoi-p F.

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