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We keep your contact information private: Chatmatez has access to your email and phone number that you use for login purposes.

We at Chatmatez will make it sure that this information is entrusted and is not leaked in any possible circumstance.

This is the prime reason why you shouldn’t let out your financial details to anyone in any case.

Whenever you talk about online chat rooms, you need to make yourself aware of some aspects. For this reason, we have made some arrangements at our end and there are some precautions that you need to take at your end as well.

It makes sure that you feel like home at Chatmatez.

It isn’t a common thing at Chatmatez to stalk fellows in the chat room, but we can’t guarantee what happens in your meetups outside the chat room.

So, if you feel that for one reason or the other, someone you have met on the chat room is stalking you or suspiciously following you in your real life, you need to report to the Chatmatez administration so that we can immediately remove him or her from the group. If someone is asking you personal questions such as what do you look like or the whereabouts of your residence, you should be on guard from that person.

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