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I’m not going to let the thoughts of people on the street affect who I actually fall in love with,” he said. Steven, 41, a British journalist, reports feeling angry when he sees his countrymen behaving in ways they wouldn’t dare to at home.

He said, “You came here and expected to be with the quarterback but he’s not interested in you, so you have to look at everyone else.”“It’s normal — and considered healthy — to spend time with friends in the West and get away from your partner for a coffee or an evening out,” he said.

“This can create a lot of tension in a relationship, with [Thai] women believing something more sinister is going on.

Upon returning home, I’m often given the third degree as to who I’ve been with and where I’ve been.“This insecurity — although perhaps understandable, as Thailand has some of the highest infidelity rates in the world — is destructive and leads to resentment.

It took him a long time to overcome that feeling, but he did eventually date a Thai woman for over a year.

“Once I was actually dating someone, it became more personal and I stopped thinking about it so much.

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