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It just doesn't seem to be a problem other clubs have.

I was thinking something like, perhaps Luke Shaw and a monster signing before the world cup (say Kroos), then three monster signings after (say Vidal, Reus, Hummels).

A lot of teams at that level will sign most of their players on one year contracts and rely on loanees due to budget constraints, as well as having their squad picked apart by teams in a higher division. You don't seem to understand that not everybody has the same bland and boring pro-Moyes pro-Glazer pro-Woodward views as you. A lot of people are very very unhappy and angry about club business, you only need to look on the Facebook group, forums to realise that. It's been a **** window but we've signed 3 first team players (i.e not kids or bench fodder) which is the same number as Palace, Spurs and Arsenal (Ospina won't play a single league game this season).

So they're obviously going to sign 8-10 new players every summer. You'd expect us to add one more which would put us level with Everton and Chelsea.

Then you get our fans saying there isn't anyone available. Although tbf to your youth scouts, they do seem to have found a few decent youngsters...

maybe you should get those guys looking for the senior players. We don't have the pulling power any more, so we're gonna have to sign Herrera level players atm, until we get back in the top four.

We have so much money, and a desperate need yet Woodward is sat on a beach in Thailand being ****** off by a ladyboy. I wouldn't be surprised if we are in a relegation battle this year it's that bad.

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It's pathetic how City can buy ready made superstars like Mangala and Fernando, exactly what we need yet we weren't ever in for them. Also a shout out to the scouts who only seem to know about the world-class players everybody knows about (and are clearly not going to come to you) or the players who were in the World Cup.

Along with David Beckham, Rooney is the most red carded player for England, having been sent off twice.

Rooney's 208 Premier League goals make him the Premier League's second top scorer of all time behind only Alan Shearer.

I can't tell you how much I hate the owners/board, they just make us look like a pathetic small club.

It feels like Managed Decline, like these ********s just accept we're not a top club now. One season in 7th doesn't outweigh 22 years of dominance of the best league in the world and to suggest otherwise that's foolish. I would have liked to see Vidal and Kroos, maybe Carvalho but it's obvious that **** Ed cannot get it done. It frustrates me how City can unearth exactly what we needed, a CB and a CDM and get it done so quickly without us having so much as a sniff.

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