Exhibitionist video chat rooms benefits of being accommodating

The closer it got to convention time, the more I got cold feet.

Several times I reminded her that this meeting might be the end of us.

No text, only a very close up picture of a widely spread, dripping pussy hole.

Her clit was visible and swollen at the top of the frame, while her inner lips, wet and matted against the fleshy part of her pussy, extended beyond the edge of the picture.

I finally convinced myself that it really didn't matter. It seemed like it took forever for the elevator to get there, and when the bell from the car behind me dinged, I jumped like a startled mouse. I was looking for a 21 year old, single woman, like the profile described.In fact I had never seen any part of her body except her extreme pussy. After all, nobody ever misled you over the internet. We agreed that she would call me at the hotel on the second night and we would finalize the plans.Granted it was shallow and chauvinistic to consider such things, but wasn't our only link a quasi-physical one? She was very illusive and would not give me a phone number or tell me from where she was traveling, if she was, indeed, traveling.This was a woman with whom I had shared the most secret of desires.But most alarming, this was a woman who's face I had never seen.

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