Eve jihan jeffers dating

Eve was born to a single mother and grew up in housing projects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She went through her teenage years without seeing her father and has said she has no relationship with him now. "Rock on the Net: MTV Video Music Awards 2001," 6, 2004).

Touré's Rolling Stone profile caught her enjoying her fame and the fortune that followed it: it described Eve and Stevie J driving around Manhattan in Eve's gold BMW, Eve buying diamond rings, earrings, and a necklace worth a total of 0,000, and Eve's accountant, Horace Madison, making her sign a "stupid letter" acknowledging that too many purchases like that could wreck her finances.

By this time, the 22–year–old already had a house in New Jersey, a retirement plan, and an portfolio of investments.

After graduating from high school, Eve dedicated herself to breaking into the music business and began auditioning for a record deal, while working at a record store in Philadelphia and, briefly, at a strip club in New York City (an experience she will not talk about in interviews anymore). "From a financial–stability standpoint, Eve's ahead of 85 percent of people in the urban–music business right now," Madison told Touré. Scorpion 's second single, "Let Me Blow Ya Mind," her duet with Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, became her biggest success; it won an MTV Video Music Award in 2001 and a Grammy award in 2002. Near the end of 2001, Eve raved to Rolling Stone 's Mark Binelli about meeting Courtney Love, and her description of Love could easily work as a description of herself: "She's just raw. She doesn't care, doesn't bite her tongue." Another sign of Eve's success was her entourage; by the summer of 2002, reported Newsweek 's Ali, Eve was traveling with five handlers: a publicist, hairstylist, makeup artist, clothing stylist, and bodyguard. 1, 1999; released Let There Be Eve Ruff Ryder's First Lady, 1999; released Scorpion, 2001; released Eve–Olution, 2002.Television appearances include: Third Watch, 2003; Eve, UPN, 2003—; One on One, 2004.

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